What’s in a Name?

A Letter from the Chairman

Allegiance Bank Chairman Steven Retzloff

I remember as a teenager there was a time or two when my behavior took me outside of the chalk lines. Imagine that. Thinking back, it may have been the free-thinking spirit of Woodstock or simply youth inspired over-confidence (stupidity), but occasionally I failed to maintain the expected standards that had been established.

My Dad, like Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent, would somehow discover my misstep to which he would often say, “That is not behavior becoming of a Retzloff.” Of course, there would be extra yard work or some other all-day chore, but for him to evoke the shaming of my own name, that informed severity. Indeed, there is a lot to a name. The unwritten rule is, WE get to define what ours represents.

Allegiance Bank has a carefully chosen name. The allegiance we offer is our one thing. Like a chain of events, it starts when a banker gets hired, carefully selected from a pool of candidates. That first day is not shaped by stale, usual expectations but rather with high anticipation that he or she will add to and feel the vibe that comes from extraordinary service to others.

Like us, when we are on the customer side of the counter, our customers are only looking for three things; zero defects, on time completion and to be treated nicely. Achieving those three for them is not a function of having thick policy manuals.

It is not experienced through clever slogans or high-priced ads. It is found through our people whose days are made perfect by meeting each customer’s very unique and personalized needs, all of the time.

I know, I know, sounds like, “Blah, blah, blah.” Here is an excerpt from a recent customer letter.

“Mihir (our Sugar Land bank office president),
It seems that society today has totally forgotten about customer service. However, I feel that Allegiance Bank keeps customer service at the top of their list. You have consistently assisted me when needed and continue to keep me informed on the loan process which is greatly appreciated…Thank you and others at Allegiance Bank for making me feel special and appreciated. – J.J.”

It doesn’t end with our allegiance to our customers. We pledge ourselves to serving one another and to working tirelessly in the local community. The plan is simple. We believe that our success in the little things will turn into providing great value to our shareholders. 

As suggested by Steven Covey, taking time to work on the important things in life and work such as listening, being relational and learning something new rather than merely dealing with one urgent item after another is a significant differentiator to our brand.

But then, a blog post that says all the right things isn’t going to do anyone much good. Our exceptional service each and every day, now that is how we plan to earn your allegiance!

Steve Retzloff, Chairman