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The Business Benefits of Treasury Management

What is Treasury Management?

Treasury management services manage and oversee the financial aspects of a business—payables, receivables, protection and more—to optimize cash flow and business operations. A treasury management system involves policies, processes and workflows designed to help businesses improve cash management, make informed decisions, reduce risk and, ultimately, manage money more efficiently.

At Allegiance Bank, we know how important it is for you to have simple, easy access to a full suite of banking tools for managing your finances and meeting your business goals. From swift payment processing options to secure Business eBanking, our treasury management team helps ensure Houston-area businesses have the cash they need to continue operating seamlessly and effectively.

Explore Our Treasury Management Services

Here are three ways Treasury Management Services from Allegiance Bank can benefit your business.

  1. Improve Your Business Cash Flow
    To ensure cash flow, Allegiance Bank offers several different ingoing and outgoing payment services. Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) services through Allegiance Business eBanking provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective electric payment processing—so you can move money between accounts, pay a vendor or initiate direct deposit payroll for employees. With Commercial Card usage, you can offer your vendors a more secure a convenient way to accept payments as well as provide your employees a more effective way of reporting and managing expenses, all while providing your company a cash flow advantage with additional float on your payables. Our merchant services partnership with BancCard gives businesses the ability to process customer transactions through on-site and web-based payment terminals. Remote deposit capture and wire transfer services accelerate movement of funds, giving you liquidity needed to run your business.
  2. Run Your Business More Efficiently
    Our digital business banking tools automate manual processes and provide secure, 24/7 access to your accounts, so you get a more accurate view of your business financials. Treasury Management Services allow you to receive funds more efficiently, get better insights into your bottom line and allow your business to run as productively as possible. For example, services like remote deposit capture allow you to make deposits directly from your office—saving you time and expediting your access to collected balances.
  3. Reduce Financial Risk
    Treasury Management helps small businesses reduce financial risk through various fraud prevention products and services. Positive Pay can identify fraudulent checks that may have been altered, counterfeited or unauthorized. If a check does not match the account number, dollar amount, check number, or we detect usual activity, our fraud prevention team can flag it. Our Commercial Risk Assessment evaluation helps commercial online banking users identify threats and provide guidance on improving personnel, computer system and physical security.

How to Get Started with Treasury Management

We understand that you’re busy and we welcome the opportunity to help you meet your business goals. At Allegiance Bank, getting started with Treasury Management Services is as easy as enrolling in our business eBanking services, which you can do online or by visiting your local branch. Our dedicated team of community bankers across 27 Houston-area locations are here to help you—and your business—thrive. We take pride in building strong customer relationships and creating customized solutions that meet your needs, priorities, and goals—now and in the future.

Contact us to get started with Treasury Management at Allegiance Bank or learn more about our small business banking services.

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