General Questions

Q: How do I find my closest bank office?

A: Allegiance Bank has conveniently-located banking offices throughout Greater Houston and its surrounding counties. Find yours here. Find yours here.

Q: How do I get in contact with a loan officer near me?

A: We have 80 loan officers around the Greater Houston area. To find a loan officer near you, complete the contact form here and loan officer will contact you directly.

Q: I’m going on an international trip. How can I be sure by debit card will work?

A: Before traveling, please stop by any banking office or call (281) 894-3200.

Q: Who do I notify if I have problems with or lost my debit card?

A: During business hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) call 281-894-3200. After hours call the debit/ATM card support line at (855) 251-1792.

Q: What if I am a victim of fraud or would like more information of fraud scams?

A: We are very interested in educating our customers regarding fraud, scams, identity theft and ways to protect themselves in case they become a victim. To learn more about this information, please visit our Security page to learn more.

Q: How can I find out about employment opportunities with Allegiance Bank?

A: Allegiance Bank is always looking for qualified individuals who are interested in making a career in banking. For more information and view employment opportunities please visit our Careers page to learn more.

Business Banking

Q: What can I use an SBA Loan for?

A: Buying/constructing an owner-occupied building, equipment purchases, business acquisitions, partner buyouts, working capital lines of credits and franchise expansions. Learn more.  

Q: What are some loan options for my small business?

A: Examples of business loans offered are equipment financing, real estate term loans, commercial real estate loans, working capital term loans and more. Learn more.  

Q: What kind of business checking accounts are offered by Allegiance Bank?

A: For a full list of business checking options, click here.  

Personal Banking

Q: What types of personal checking accounts does Allegiance Bank offer?

A: At Allegiance, we offer a variety of personal checking accounts that are designed to fit your personal checking needs. For a complete list of personal checking account options, click here.

Q: What is the minimum deposit needed to start a personal savings account?

A: An initial deposit of $200 is required to open a personal savings account.

Online Banking

Q: What types of accounts are eligible for online banking?

A: Both business and personal accounts can take advantage of online banking.

Q: How can I be best informed of security practices while banking online?

A: Please visit Stop. Think. Connect. for best practices banking online. Learn more

Q: How do I download the Allegiance Bank mobile app?

A: Visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search “Allegiance Bank.” 

Post Oak Bank Merger

Q: Where can I find more information on how my accounts will be impacted by the Post Oak Bank merger?

A: Please visit the Post Oak Bank merger page for more information and resources on what to expect as we combine operations. 

Still have questions? Be sure to visit one of our convenient locations, call our main line at (281) 894-3200, or email

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