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National Women’s Equality Day

Allegiance Bank celebrates women in the workplace, today and every dayOn August 26th, we recognize National Women’s Equality Day, which honors the 19th amendment to the constitution granting women full and equal voting rights.  

In honor of National Womens Equality Day, two of the many wonderful women on our team have submitted a quote on what being a woman in today’s workplace means to them. 


Janet Wong, Board of Directors 

On August 26, it’s a special National Equality celebration because women gained the right to vote in 1920 – 100 years ago!  I feel blessed and fortunate to live in this great country where women have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and goals. When I was 16, I worked part-time at a local CPA firm and went off to college with the goal of a career in business.  Now, being a CPA for more than half my life and working with some of the best companies in America over my career, I mentor others to help them achieve their goals. I applaud Allegiance Bank for its corporate culture and support of equality with its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders not just on this special day, but throughout the year. 


Stacy Tiger, EVP, Chief Human Resource Officer 

“When I reflect upon the struggle and strength it took for our ancestors to earn the right for women to vote, I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude and an obligation to have my voice be heard. Throughout history, women have advocated for access to equal education, pay, the right to own property, and other freedoms intended to be experienced by ALL U.S. citizens. Women have made tremendous strides since earning the right to vote and have been on the forefront of leading change that has had very meaningful impacts in our communities. I am honored to work for an organization whose culture is so authentic, diverse, and inclusive. Allegiance Bank allows my voice to be heard each and every day and the opportunity to make meaningful change that impacts future workforces.”  


National Women’s Equality Day presents us with an opportunity to learn and reflect on women’s history. It is an honor to acknowledge these incredible members of our team, and we encourage you to take some extra time today to celebrate the achievements of women in your life. 

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National Women’s Equality Day

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