Whether you’re considering a new-home mortgage or refinancing, Allegiance Bank now offers a wide range of mortgage solutions to fit your needs and your budget. It’s the personalized banking you love, now with an expanded range of home mortgage solutions.

Comprehensive Suite of Mortgage Solutions

From first time homebuyers to growing families looking to expand to those seeking a vacation dream home, we have a solution for you.

As a result of our recent merger, all applications will be submitted through CommunityBank of Texas’s online application form. Click the “Apply Now” link below the desired mortgage product and you will be redirected to CommunityBank of Texas’s website. Sign the disclosure form and then start your online application.

Mortgage Loans

  • Conforming and Jumbo, USDA, FHA, VA
  • ARMS and One-Time Close options for construction-to-permanent
  • Purchase, refinance, construction-to-permanent
  • First Time Homebuyer Mortgages
  • Advantage Mortgage, an income-based affordable home loan program
  • Physician Mortgage
  • Hero Mortgage for teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, nurses, active military and other community heroes


Home Improvement Loans

  • Home renovations to primary or second homes
  • Projects can include home repairs, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, HVAC replacement and more
  • Secured by a lien against the principal dwelling or second home
  • Flexible financing options with fixed rate, fixed term and fixed monthly payments


Community Development Home Improvement Loans

  • Improvement to a primary or second home
  • For those who qualify as low-moderate income borrowers or for homes located in a low-moderate income census tract

To get started, call a Mortgage Lending Specialist
Houston: 713.210.7653 | Beaumont: 409.861.7225

Construction Loans

  • Short-term loans for new home construction
  • Loan is a draw note that advances as work on the home progresses
  • General contractor is required
  • Permanent financing must be available and verified
  • One-Time-Close construction-to-permanent loan options available


Lot and Land Loans

  • Finance a residential plot of land up to 25 acres
  • Terms available from one to seven years


Home Equity and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

  • Purchase, refinance or make home improvements
  • Loans are also often used for debt consolidation, education, medical bills, weddings and other long-term or big expenses
  • Home equity loans provide a lump sum based on a certain percentage of your home equity
  • HELOCs lets you draw funds as you need them
  • Variable interest rates • Home is used for collateral


Get started

  1. Select the mortgage solution that is right for you and click “Apply Now” to start the online application process through CommunityBank of Texas
  2. A Mortgage Lending Specialist will provide all financing options including rates and terms to find the best loan for you
  3. Enjoy a streamlined experience throughout the process with our Mortgage Department helping you through the required documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the going rate?

Interest rates vary based on current market conditions. There are also many personal factors that may impact your mortgage rate including credit score, down payment amount, loan-to-value ratio as well as the type of residence.

What if I can’t qualify for a conventional loan?

We have a full-suite of home loan products. Our Mortgage Lending Specialists will discuss your unique situation to determine the loan product that is right for you.

How do I contact a Lending Specialist?

Apply online or call the Mortgage Department directly.
Houston: 713.210.7653 | Beaumont: 409.861.7225