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Mindful Living

Feeling stressed out? You’re not alone. According to a recent poll by the American Psychological Association, most Americans are reporting overwhelming stress levels due to a multitude of reasons outside of the average consumer’s control. The ongoing pandemic, a rise in prices of everyday items due to inflation, running a small business, supply chain issues and global uncertainty are some of the top reasons that are causing Americans to feel tension in their daily lives.

Additionally, we experience ups and downs each day, most of which have a financial component. We may welcome a new family member, lose out on a dream job, travel to an exciting new location, or receive bad news about our health – all in one year. The roller coaster of emotions we experience has a very real effect on our bodies, our minds, and our finances.

Don’t let stress get the best of you. As a part of our effort to educate and support the communities in which we operate, Allegiance Bank is proud to offer Financial Education modules through EVERFI. One of our latest modules seeks to educate our community on practicing mindful living. This can mean:

  • Being aware of your own emotions and thoughts in the moment
  • Being conscious of your surroundings
  • Being non-judgmental of your thoughts, feelings, and stressors

In learning more about stress and its effects on your body, you can begin to identify your own stressors and learn strategies for mindful living.

Take Action

Access to the Allegiance Bank Financial Education Center is free to all. If you know of someone in need of these tips to practice mindful living, please share this module. If financial support is what you need, reach out to one of our friendly and responsive community bankers today.

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