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Banker Spotlight: Lindsey Durham

This November, we recognize team member Lindsey Durham, Marketing Associate at Allegiance Bank. Lindsey is an Air Force veteran who joined the Allegiance team in 2019. 

After serving eight years in the Air Force, Lindsey moved back home. Her grandfather and mother are both members of the Allegiance team, so Lindsey had grown to be familiar with the bank. One night, Lindsey recalls joking with her grandfather, “How cool would it be if we all worked together – and three generations!” Fast forward eighteen months and they were having the same conversation, except this time it was reality. Lindsey accepted the Marketing Associate position at Allegiance Bank. 

Lindsey Durham Social Image

What She Does 

On any given day, you can find Lindsey working on website updates, messaging, email communications, social media and print and electronic ads. She manages coordination with outside agencies to execute creative campaigns and more. Her efforts reach across multiple departments within Allegiance Bank and allow our brand to reach thousands each week. She contributes greatly in positioning Allegiance Bank with clear and consistent messaging in internal and external communications.  

While the marketing department does not provide service directly to customers, Lindsey works behind the scenes to respond to customer communications through form fills that transmit to her directly. Lindsey strives to personally handle all the form fill requests that she can. If it requires additional assistance from a different department or office, she communicates with them directly. 

Family First 

One thing that Lindsey has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is the speed in which things can change. Her flexibility and hours put in behind the scenes have been key in navigating these unknowns. At the beginning of September, Lindsey was helping her grandfather update his Fitbit watch. She recalls, “He told me he was so proud of everything I have done at the bank. I am not someone who needs a pat on the back, but when it comes from someone like him who you never want to let down, it means more than words can explain.” 

Not only do Lindsey’s mother and grandfather work at Allegiance Bank, but her fiancé does as well. He proposed earlier this year after asking her grandfather for her hand in marriage.  

Lindsey takes great pride in her work, which is evident to those who have been able to work with her. When asked how she exemplifies “The Allegiance Way” at the office, Lindsey refers to the core values of the Air Force: 

  1. Integrity first 
  1. Service before self 
  1. Excellence in all we do 


Allegiance Bank is proud to recognize Lindsey Durham this Veteran’s Day, as well as the other veterans Allegiance employs. 

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