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Introducing Mobile Banking Card Controls: Prevent Debit Card Fraud and Control Spending

Now more than ever, we know there’s a lot in life that we just can’t control. Being vigilant about protecting yourself against potential fraud doesn’t have to be one of those things. At Allegiance Bank, we’re in your corner and committed to arming you with tools to keep yourself safe, providing the confidence for secure debit card transactions and control over spending.  

We are excited to announce our newly integrated Mobile Banking Card Controls. This technology actively engages you in the transaction process through customized card controls and real-time notifications. It takes the place of the SecurLock Equip standalone app for Personal Banking customers. 

Delivering the power to protect to the palm of your hand, Card Controls is a menu option within our Personal mobile app that allows you to control how, when, and where your Allegiance Bank debit cards are used. It even gives you the power to turn your card off and on at the touch of a button. For added security and budget management, you can set transaction spend limits, geographic locations where the card can be used, merchant categories and more.  

It’s a simple and secure way to manage and monitor your debit card controls, on your terms. Available to all Allegiance Bank personal debit card customers, Mobile Banking Card Controls can help you prevent fraud if your debit card is lost or stolen, and control spending by setting limits on withdrawals or transactions.   


Overview of Features 

  • Provides customizable instant notifications whenever your card is used. 
  • Set transaction spend limits, geographic locations where the card can be used and specific merchant categories. 
  • Selective real-time alerts available by spend limits, channel, location, transaction type and merchant category.  
  • Ability to turn your card off instantly, declining all transactions (except recurring), with the ability to turn the card back on instantly when ready to make a purchase. 


How do I find it? 

Once you log in to the Personal Mobile Banking App, the Wallet feature will be available on the top of the screen. Your debit card(s) issued to your name will display. Tap Card Controls or Alerts to continue with additional menu options. 

You can find more details and a list of FAQs and a User Guide here.  


Not an Allegiance Bank customer? 

We’d love to hear more about your banking needs and how we can help you meet your goals. Let’s start a conversation; contact a banker today. 

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