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Challenging Times

A Note From the Chairman

June 30, 2020

My church conducted a food distribution service in the parking lot this past weekend. The line began to form at 3:00 am which is incredible but not that surprising. For the past few months we have all received a steady diet of images of lined up cars whose occupants were looking to fill the most basic of all human needs. While the sight of these lines elicits an outpouring of prayer and sympathy, if only we were able to hear the stories each food recipient has to tell of their current struggles.  

And there are other stresses these days as the world seems to be groaning under the weight of so many challenges being faced all at once. There is no shortage of both short-term and long-term needs including social, economic, flood mitigation, the pandemic and numerous others. All of them must be critically addressed. It can feel overwhelming, but we should all participate however we can. We are called to listen and compelled to help.

Not to defer the more complex, long-term issues, but the urgent, immediate needs such as food distribution must be supported in real time. On our bulletin board at home my wife posted a simple statement, “Learn to be happy right now”. One strategy that can move us into the right direction is to simply do something right now to help someone else. I know of nothing that produces happiness more than simply being generous.

As the Houston region’s largest local bank, Allegiance Bank has stepped up today in a big way to address funding for food. 

So “right now” we have committed to support The Houston Food Bank on a giving scale that we’ve never before explored. Doing so not only helps feed thousands, it makes us happy.

The numbers are mind blowing.

In 2019, the Houston Food Bank distributed 104 million meals through 1,500 local distribution partners. The volume of distribution has more than doubled due to the economic impact of Covid-19. These are crazy high numbers but the leadership and dedication of their organization has risen to meet the challenge.

I recently toured their 300 thousand square foot warehouse and distribution facility. It is a 3 dimensional, floor to ceiling finely tuned machine. Yet another dimension are the volunteers that supply almost half of the worker hours needed to get all of the sorting and boxing and distribution out to those in need. Allegiance is joining those teams but we are also supporting the effort with our money.

We already delivered a significant contribution but we are not finished yet. In addition, we’ve committed $100,000 as a dollar for dollar matching fund where others can join us in our response. When combined, our donation and the matched funds is estimated to provide 1 million meals in our community.

So, if you also feel called and to the extent you are able to participate in this opportunity, please follow the instructions below to join us in meeting this current need.

Donate Here

*Donations welcome June 30 through July 31. If you prefer to make your gift by mail, please send your check made out to “Houston Food Bank” to 535 Portwall St, Houston, TX 77029. To ensure proper attribution, please include “Allegiance Bank” in the memo line of your check. To make a gift by phone, please contact Donor Services at 713-547-8623.

Having been formed and started as a Houston bank in 2007, Allegiance Bank is a relatively young company but we’ve grown up fast. To be able to serve alongside the Houston Food Bank through both meaningful financial support and volunteerism once again expresses that, “it is not what we do but what we do together that makes a difference.” Thank you all for your support.

Allegiance Bank Chairman Steven Retzloff

Steve Retzloff, Chairman

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