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Banker Spotlight: Vickie Hester

At Allegiance, we’re a family composed of the most extraordinary and experienced bankers in the industry. Over the past decade, we have created a unique culture where we not only practice what we pledge each day – but also serve our communities and each other “The Allegiance Way.” It’s a privilege to acknowledge the incredible employees who live this out.

Today we recognize Bank Officer, Fraud and Legal Specialist, Vickie Hester.



In the Beginning

Vickie joined the Allegiance Bank team in 2008. For over 25 years, she has worked directly with customers in different bank lobby positions. She has always loved working with people and found herself drawn to helping customers learn to protect themselves from future fraud. Vickie is always looking for opportunities to encourage fraud education in conversations. A few years after she joined Allegiance Bank, she held multiple roles as a fraud specialist, legal requests processor and eventually began processing debit card fraud. The culmination of these roles taught Vickie how Allegiance Bank and our customers directly benefit by having defined fraud procedures and continuing education.

What She Does

Crucial to our bank operations and customer protection, Vickie’s current role is entirely focused on fraud prevention. She works to track cases for attempted fraud, successful fraud, account compromise, scams, elder abuse, identity theft, and resolution for fraud/compromise. As part of her role, she interacts with all areas of Allegiance Bank, our customers, other financial institutions, and various law enforcement agencies.

Attempting recovery for financial loss to our customers is what Vickie does best. She’s able to communicate quickly between all bank offices about potential fraud or compromise and formulate a plan to best benefit our customers’ situations. At Allegiance Bank, we pride ourselves on developing deeply personal relationships with our customers. With existing customer relationships and a thorough understanding of our customer’s account transaction history patterns, we are able to quickly identify possible account compromises.

Allegiance Bank & Fraud Protection

In Vickie’s role, she is able to expand upon the excellent service Allegiance Bank delivers to its customers by strengthening the bank’s knowledge around fraud. This year, she is starting a “Fraud Champions” team that is made up of one representative from each of our offices. Vickie will provide tools to each office to recognize red flags, provide guidance/written procedures for fraud restoration, and provide training to prevent and discover fraud or compromise.

Vickie’s proudest moment at Allegiance Bank to date is when she headed the Fraud Strategic Action Group (SAG) to establish bank wide fraud procedures and preparation of tools based on the Fraud SAG decisions. The results of the Fraud SAG will further bolster Allegiance Bank’s excellent customer service by establishing appropriate action and reporting.

Outside the Bank

While Vickie loves identifying opportunities to discover fraud, she loves spending time with her family even more! She has two daughters and several grandchildren that she babysits regularly. She also loves working in her garden and spending time outdoors. For a while, Vickie was proud to follow in her father’s footsteps as a member of a non-profit group of clowns. She often visited patients at St. Luke’s Hospital as “Milly Willy,” in order to put a smile on people’s faces.

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