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Banker Spotlight: Paola Than

Today we recognize Compliance Officer Paola Than, in this Allegiance Banker Spotlight.

At Allegiance, we’re a family composed of the most extraordinary and experienced bankers in the industry. Over the past decade, we have created a unique culture where we not only practice what we pledge each day — but also serve our communities and each other “The Allegiance Way.” It’s a privilege to acknowledge the incredible employees who live this out.

What She Does

Paola Than proudly serves as a Compliance Officer at Allegiance Bank. The Compliance Team works to shape the regulatory compliance risk awareness and culture of the bank by having a constant pulse on compliance risk. At a high level, the team dissects applicable laws, rules and regulations, and then combines that knowledge with their business practice expertise to ensure the bank is operating compliantly. They are also essential to the process of developing tools and implementing procedures to achieve and maintain compliance.

How She Does it

Compliance is something that touches a multitude of departments within the bank, and it takes a lot of collaboration between Paola’s department, Senior Management, Loan Ops, the lending staff and many others. When challenges arise, Paola and her team work hard to find solutions that minimally impact Allegiance Bank customers and employees, while staying within the confines of law regulation.

Big Picture

An important goal of Paola’s team is to champion regulatory compliance for the bank, to support growth and prevent regulatory scrutiny. The ultimate goal, however, is to be a resource for the front-line staff that are working to provide exemplary service to existing customers, and to build new customer relationships. Paola and her team strive to be partners in this endeavor because when customers are supported and employee performance metrics are met, everyone benefits. 

For Paola, she loves that every day brings something different, and that the bank has invested in her leadership development to help further her career. Compliance is an ever-changing industry and she enjoys the challenge of keeping up regulations and finding ways to implement them in the most efficient way possible. She is also thankful for her incredible team that brings expertise and a willingness to get the job done, regardless of the circumstance.

Life Outside the Bank

Paola loves spending time with family and friends, most notably her furry son Brembo. She is also energized by finding different ways to be out and active around Houston.

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