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Banker Spotlight: Melodie Harris

At Allegiance, we’re a family composed of the most extraordinary and experienced bankers in the industry. Over the past decade, we have created a unique culture where we not only practice what we pledge each day — but also serve our communities and each other “The Allegiance Way.” It’s a privilege to acknowledge the incredible employees who live this out.

Today we recognize Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Deposit and Office Operations, Melodie Harris.

Melodie Harris

What She Does 

Melodie provides service to our Allegiance Bank departments, offices, and customers by working directly with deposit operations, office support, and the document review teams at Allegiance Bank. Her department is best described as the “backbone” within the bank. She collaborates with all of our offices and makes herself available to provide the answers to any questions that arise.

Melodie describes customer service and office/officer assistance as her most loved duty. She strives to make herself available to everyone. Process improvement, creating efficiency and making work easier is what she loves to do!

Early Beginnings

Melodie’s banking career began in Fredericksburg, Texas where she started out as a teller. As a teller, she appreciated the communication and accountability of everyone’s roles in the bank. Seeking the same hands-on, back office, customer service role, she was eventually introduced to Post Oak Bank. At Post Oak, her position started off working directly with the branches and quickly morphed into a deeper role that included deposit operations and document imaging. Melodie’s current role with Allegiance Bank continues to grow and she loves staying busy and evolving with the bank. Her door is always open and her phone is always on.

How She Does It

Melodie always seeks opportunities to be forward thinking. She often asks, “What can my department do to help? How can we make things easier?” She stays in tune with Allegiance Bank’s offices and officers in order to understand what they need. Melodie is very hands on and touches so many areas of the bank. She is a true team player and works side by side with her coworkers to accomplish a goal. She often brags on her amazing team, that provides excellent customer service to the bank officers so they, in turn, can provide excellent customer service for their customers.

Big Picture

Melodie knows that her position is ever-changing and that her department will continue to grow. Working as Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Deposit and Office Operations has both broadened her horizons and pushed her outside of her comfort zone, which has led her to grow in a rewarding way. She loves her team and enjoys making life at the bank easier on every office. She is proud to work for a team comprised of both legacy Post Oak and legacy Allegiance bankers.

Outside the Bank

Out of the office, Melodie spends the majority of her spare time with her family. She has ten grandkids and absolutely loves being a grandma! After family, Melodie loves to travel. In a pre-pandemic world, she took a trip to Israel and describes it as her best vacation. She enjoyed exploring the beautiful countryside, sampling the traditional food, meeting new people, learning the history, and soaking up the warm weather while floating the Dead Sea. While the beach is Melodie’s happy place, this year she completed her 7th Chevron Houston Marathon. She has also run in many other marathons – not just in Houston! On her bucket list are the Chicago, New York, Paris and London marathons. She tries to complete at least one or two a year to stay in training mode.

Melodie is a team player inside and outside of the office. Allegiance Bank is proud to employ such a spirited athlete and a team player.

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