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Banker Spotlight: Jon Villanti

Today we recognize team member Jon Villanti, Senior Vice President of Information Security at Allegiance Bank. 

At Allegiance, our success comes from not only building a family of the most experienced bankers in the community, but also building a family of employees that extends beyond banking services. Sitting in one of these roles that is crucial to our business is Jon Villanti, SVP of Information Security.  

What He Does

Jon fervently leads Allegiance Bank’s information security program and is responsible for protecting the bank’s information assets while meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.  

In a previous life, Jon spent 29 years of service in the USAF Reserves. One day while in the parking lot, he realized that that he was “put on Earth to work in cybersecurity.” Fast forward a few years and Jon works cybersecurity at Allegiance Bank, recently wrapping up a successful and extensive project related to security information and event management (SIEM).  

A true team player, Jon takes great pride in being reliable – to friends, family and bank stakeholders. He enjoys the outreach aspect of being a community bank and has been able to speak at numerous conferences and webinars alongside other Houston-based companies. Speaking at these events presents Jon with a unique opportunity to help other businesses learn how they can secure and defend themselves against cybersecurity threats. 

Cybersecurity Awareness

When it comes to cybersecurity awareness, ignorance is not bliss. Jon stresses the importance of understanding the devastation of a cyber-attack and where someone might fit in the chain of events. For most, it revolves around social engineering and understanding how to defeat phishing, smishing and vishing as popular attack vectors. Each person has a unique opportunity to be a human firewall against cybersecurity attacks, and awareness is a requisite starting point. 

Cybersecurity at Allegiance

As a National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, Allegiance Bank works to provide internal cyber teams with the time and budget to participate in technical training courses and leadership classes. During his time at Allegiance Bank, Jon has added multiple new industry certifications to his resume while keeping others current.  

Read more about Cybersecurity Awareness at Allegiance Bank here: 

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