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Banker Spotlight: Jason Trevino

At Allegiance Bank, we deliver excellence in everything we do, and that couldn’t happen without our incredible team of employees. To celebrate that fact, we’re kicking off an Allegiance Banker Spotlight series to highlight the valued employees who truly personify “The Allegiance Way” in the way they approach their work every day.

It’s an honor to recognize Vice President, Business Process & Automation, Jason Trevino, in today’s Allegiance Banker Spotlight.

What He Does

A key contributor within the Core and Business Applications area, Jason’s role is centered around technology and its application within established business processes at the bank. Specifically, he is responsible for evaluating the functional operating efficiencies of banking and operational activities within all departments. In addition, he provides recommendations for upgrades, enhancements and changes to business processes as appropriate.

As part of his role, Jason serves as technology lead on larger bank-wide projects. He is energized by collaborating across teams toward a common goal. Gathering key resources and sitting with his counterparts to engage in creative problem solving is a highlight of his job. He thrives in the collective space of strategizing without fear of bringing bad ideas to the table.

How He Does It

Recognizing and celebrating differences that make a team stronger, he enjoys working with others to understand how all minds work so differently, yet come together to deliver a successful, fine-tuned end result. He champions the attitude that no problem is too small to solve and no idea is ever wrong, which in turn, offers a fun atmosphere to facilitate creativity. 

One way that Jason strives to embody “The Allegiance Way” in his work is by understanding the common purpose of every meeting, discussion and project. There is a journey in getting to that place of purpose within every new initiative. Once that purpose is identified, each team member can view it from their unique perspective, and that’s when a project really takes flight. He notes that catching that rewarding moment when it finally all comes together isn’t always easy, but if you’re intentional in looking, you’ll find it.

Big Picture

Empowered from day one to think outside the box, Jason’s role is specifically designed to impact all areas of the bank, including how customers interact with the bank’s technology. His primary focus is delivering excellent service to customers in every innovative thing the bank does. That includes strategic understanding of what people are used to in their day-to-day digital interactions, to provide vision and clarity for new initiatives.

Allegiance Bank President and Chief Operating Officer Ray Vitulli notes, “While it isn’t Jason’s official title, he brings a ‘Process Engineer’ skillset to the bank that has already resulted in improved efficiencies, elimination of redundant processes and creation of practical workflows. All of this allows our bankers to spend more time doing what they do best; providing extraordinary service to our customers. Jason is quickly building a reputation as a problem solver, making life easier for our bankers and, in turn, our customers.”

The proudest moment of Jason’s career with Allegiance thus far was during the merger with Post Oak Bank. Seeing both banks come together with a common purpose to serve customers first and foremost was a great experience, and an exciting preview of the great things to come in combining unique talents and skillsets. 

Life Outside the Bank

When not at work, you can find Jason enjoying life with his wife of 10 years, Krystal, and his son, Bradley. He plays the piano and spends a lot of his downtime working on music and putting together events with Houston-area recording artists.

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