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Banker Spotlight: Donald Hengst

At Allegiance, our commitment is to support our customers and communities. We are proud to continuously highlight our team of bankers who contribute to this commitment by going above and beyond in all that they do. Today we recognize Executive Bank Office President, Donald R. Hengst and his dedication to serving the Northwest Freeway at Gessner office “The Allegiance Way.”

What He Does

As Bank Office President, Standing Member C&I Committee, Rotating Member of the Senior Loan Committee, and SCEC Committee Member, Donald Hengst wears many hats. Because of the complexity of his roles, no day looks the same but put simply, Donald oversees all the lending functions and operations related to the Northwest Freeway at Gessner office. These duties include quality control of the assets and office team members and continuously identifying growth opportunities.

His primary duty is to provide leadership for those he works with. To do so, Donald believes it is imperative to instill integrity in the bank by setting a good example of personal and professional ethics. Though he works at one bank office, as any Allegiance Bank team member will tell you, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Because of this, Donald works hard to ensure open lines of communication between each of the 27 Allegiance Bank locations to contribute to the bank’s unified goal of assisting customers and exceeding expectations.

The Allegiance Way

For Donald, exemplifying “The Allegiance Way” means taking personal responsibility for his work – which impacts shareholders, employees, and customers. To do so, he believes that setting high standards for ethics and integrity both up and down the customer service ladder, results in a workplace that shows high respect for all. When asked to share three words that he believes best describe Allegiance Bank, he shared, “Empowerment, Openness, and Approachability.” The primary reason for our success is the autonomy that Allegiance Bank gives their staff to help fellow employees and customers succeed. There is a great deal of respect involved across all levels of the bank.

Outside the Bank

Anyone who knows Donald knows that he has a huge heart for the Houston Astros. As one of 10 kids, he grew up watching his siblings play baseball and softball, which naturally sparked his original interest in the sport. In his younger years, Donald loved to play the game; however, once he started his full-time job in high school, he no longer had the time to pursue his love of baseball. However, his love for the sport continued. Since 1994, Donald has been an Astros season ticket holder and frequently attends games with customers, family, and friends. You will find his office adorned with Astros memorabilia – most notably, three authentic Astrodome sets of seats. Outside of his love for baseball, Donald loves attending football games at his Alma Mater, The University of Texas. You can also find him outdoors, hunting and spending time at his house on the Frio River with his wife, children, grandchildren and friends.


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