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Banker Spotlight: Chetan Patel

At Allegiance, our commitment is to support our customers and communities. We are proud to continuously highlight our team of bankers who contribute to this commitment by going above and beyond in all that they do. Today we recognize Vice President Chetan Patel.

What He Does

Chetan Patel is a part of our Electronic Division, serving as Vice President, Card Services, and ATM Manager. His primary role is to make sure that all Allegiance Bank debit cards are working properly for the best possible experience for our customers. This includes safeguarding the cards and ATMs from fraud, and performing in-depth account analysis to strategize ways to remain industry leaders in our space when it comes to debit card safety, technology, and services. Chetan is adept at identifying ways to streamline processes with enthusiasm all while ensuring that the bank complies with regulatory requirements.

“My role may be in the background, but what my team delivers is a direct reflection of Allegiance Bank. We want to be industry leaders, and our Electronic Division is driving us to be that bank in our space.”

The Allegiance Way

Chetan has been a part of our Allegiance family for the past 11 years. Throughout his time at the bank, Chetan has played a huge role in moving us toward our common goal of providing unmatched customer service. He has done this by creating workflows and strategically implementing automation to gain efficiencies and mitigate errors. These advancements have allowed our staff to use the time they were previously spending elsewhere doing what they do best, serving our customers. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that the three words Chetan uses to describe Allegiance Bank is “Our Community Bank.”

Throughout his career, his proudest moment has been successfully managing two debit card conversions at one time. Chetan’s commitment has not gone unnoticed. He started his career at Allegiance as an office manager, and over time has worked his way up. “His belief is to serve others with passion, concern, and integrity,” says Karen Marshall, Vice President and Senior Director of Electronic Banking, “this is evident not only with the team that he leads but those that he serves.”

Chetan’s involvement doesn’t stop there. He is always going above and beyond, identifying new ways to assist wherever needed. Outside of his regular responsibilities, Chetan has enjoyed identifying ways to not only improve our Debit Card systems, but to make an impact that extends beyond the four walls of the bank. Collaborating with other departments, he has helped our team move towards a paperless environment and has helped identify ways for our offices to go green and make a positive impact.

Outside the Bank

Over the past decade, Chetan’s favorite thing about working for Allegiance has been our team, the ability to speak openly and provide input, and the great work-life balance. Outside of the Bank, you can find Chetan at the gym, rooting for any Houston-based sports team and spending time with his daughters.  

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