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Banker Spotlight: Cheryl Waller

At Allegiance, we’re a family composed of the most extraordinary and experienced bankers in the industry. Over the past decade, we have created a unique culture where we not only practice what we pledge each day — but also serve our communities and each other “The Allegiance Way.” It’s a privilege to acknowledge the incredible employees who live this out.

Today we recognize Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Manager, Cheryl Waller.

Cheryl Waller

What She Does 

Cheryl Waller proudly serves as the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Manager at Allegiance Bank. Cheryl works tirelessly to develop, maintain and test the bank’s business continuity and disaster recovery program. She leads and facilitates the execution of plans during incidents and/or events, while also handling the employee notifications and communications. She is continuously on the lookout for anything that could disrupt business operations and the ability for Allegiance Bank to service its customers. During her career, Cheryl has led incidents involving tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, ice/snow, transportation strikes, damaged facilities, and network, system and power outages.

How She Does It

Cheryl’s position requires her to liaise with Bank Office Presidents, Office Managers and department managers to assess potential risks and impacts, identify and prioritize critical functions and document recovery requirements for each bank office, multiple departments and central location. Cheryl’s role is crucial in assisting the bank in continuing to service its customers as needed during incidents or events.

Big Picture

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that events such as a pandemic, numerous hurricanes, power outages and other events can happen at any time and a well-documented, tested business continuity/disaster recovery plan can ensure we have the staff, facilities and technology to continue bank operations and service our customers. Cheryl loves working with others, including training employees on business continuity, and collaborating with managers and offices on recovery requirements and strategies through test scenarios. She ensures that the bank’s internal communications are consistent by providing employees with information during actual and potential incidents or events.

Life Outside the Bank

Cheryl enjoys finding time to prune, trim and weed the beds in her yard. She also enjoys time spent in her swimming pool and sitting on her porch to admire her hard work in the garden.

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