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Customer Spotlight: Apolonia Coffee

Coffee Culture

Widely known for exporting excellent quality coffee beans, Guatemalans celebrate coffee as a huge part of their culture. Locals say that as soon as you can walk, you also start drinking coffee. Mario Duarte, owner of Apolonia Coffee, has spent most of his life around these beans. Growing up on a coffee farm, the business of farming coffee has been in his family for decades. When he was just a teenager, his mother helped him roast and sell his first bag of coffee.

The Business

Now, Mario owns Apolonia Coffee, a local coffee company that is a wholesale supplier to offices, restaurants and supermarkets. Mario partners with Luis Vasquez, VP Commercial Lender at Allegiance Bank for his day to day banking operations. A coffee-lover himself, Luis has had the pleasure of tasting various samples of Apolonia coffee brought to the Allegiance Bank office.

As a community bank, Allegiance is proud to support Mario’s dream of giving back to the coffee community in Esquipulas by assisting Apolonia Coffee with the company’s day to day banking operations. While the coffee company has not had any needs for credit in the past, Mario is looking to finance a new owner-occupied building where he will roast his coffee and operate a coffee shop in the front of the building.

Giving Back

Apolonia Coffee works directly with many responsible farmers when sourcing coffee beans. Some of these farmers even have a family-run power plant that produces all of the farm’s sustainable and renewable electricity. Apolonia is able to give back to the coffee community in the form of fair wages, a steady stream of orders, and reinvestment in their businesses. Mario and his family are thankful to the entire chain of people involved in supporting this business, from the coffee growers to the drinkers. Apolonia Coffee also supports local Guatemalan artists, who hand make the mugs they sell.

Shop Apolonia

You can purchase these handmade mugs and Apolonia’s hand-picked, hand-processed premium coffees here.

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