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Allegiance Bank Customer Spotlight: Velvet Harris

Velvet Harris is both a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens and owner of the Velvet Harris Group. She began her career in 2004, growing her business and working through many different changes in the Houston real estate market. To combat the changing market, she expanded her selling area throughout the city of Houston and the surrounding areas and added small commercial sales to her services. In the last few years, her team has grown to include a team manager and three buyer’s agents. As a result of her hard work and strategic real estate approach, the Velvet Harris Group consistently ranks in the Better Homes and Gardens Top 100 in the company every year.

One of the largest contributors to Velvet’s success is her exceptional customer service, which starts with strong communication. A typical day for Velvet includes spending time with customers, keeping them well informed throughout the entire process of their transaction. You can find Velvet showing homes around town or preparing new listings to put on the market. This entails staging, preparing documents for the seller, working with a contractor for repairs and more. However, the relationship doesn’t end after closing with the Velvet Harris Group. Velvet enjoys staying in touch with previous clients, who become like family to her throughout the real estate process.

One of Velvet’s proudest moments is having her son, Jackson, join her team. According to Velvet, “I’ve worked hard for many years to build my business and I’ve enjoyed every minute. All my clients have made such a difference in my life, so having my son join me two years ago to run the business aspect of the team has been impactful. He’s organized and has made changes to our systems to keep everything running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. That’s something we really need in our business!”

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The State of the Market

The Velvet Harris Group services all of Houston and the surrounding areas. Velvet has sold as far as New Braunfels, Centerville, Austin, Lago Vista, and plenty more in between. The market is still going strong in Houston, despite the shift she is seeing due to increasing interest rates and the continuing rise in home prices. While inventory is quite low and movement is a little slower than it has been in the last couple of years, there are plenty of buyers still purchasing. Per HAR, year over year in June saw sales that were still 1.7% ahead of 2021.

Real Estate Tips from a Pro

Working with a Realtor that looks out for your best interests is key. A good Realtor will guide you through the process of buying and selling to make sure you know the “ins and outs.” They’ll ensure you receive the best deal for your situation and that you understand what’s happening each step of the way, as the process can be tedious and there are lengthy documents to sign. Having a realtor that knows and understands how to make the process as easy as possible eliminates unnecessary stress for clients.

Working with Allegiance

Velvet has been working with Allegiance Bank for over five years. She was not satisfied with the larger commercial banks and the level of customer service being provided (or lack thereof). After selling a home to a client that happened to work for Allegiance, she learned about the community banking philosophy and moved her accounts. Velvet shares, “My experience working with Allegiance has been awesome ever since I started! The service has been super with everyone I meet. Everyone is eager to help, and the bank is always growing and offering new services that benefit me and my business.”

Since switching to Allegiance, Velvet has even referred several clients and friends to the bank. Recently, one of her clients started a pool construction company and needed help with opening a business account and other services. Velvet referred him to Allegiance, and he has been thrilled with the help and advice received thus far.

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