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Allegiance Bank Customer Spotlight: Homestead Kitchen and Bar

Homestead Kitchen and Bar opened its doors to the public on June 4th of 2021 and has been providing comfort food to the local community ever since. The restaurant is in the Houston Heights area along the MKT Hike and Bike Trail, making it a perfect spot to grab comfort food on the patio and enjoy the view. The owner, Jeff Svenvold, set out with the goal of becoming a go-to spot for breakfast and brunch, not just for special occasions, but as a home away from home.

What to Order


Homestead is most famously known for their Skillet Breakfast Hash – crispy potato hash browns layered with sofrito, your choice of carnitas or brisket, two sunny side up eggs and a plethora of additional toppings. However, following close behind is their Breakfast Board, an ultimate display of brunch containing homemade biscuits, waffles, pancakes, fresh fruit, eggs, bacon and more. For lunch and dinner, Jeff recommends their cobb salad.

A Day at Homestead


On a typical day, Jeff is up by 6:30 A.M. going through emails over coffee and working to keep the administrative side of the business moving forward. From midday to close, you can find him at the restaurant working directly with the team to strategize ways the restaurant can better serve their customers. At the end of the day, when the kitchen doors close and the cleaning is finished, Jeff goes home to gear up to do it all over again the next day. In 5-10 years, Homestead Kitchen and Bar hopes to be a well-known restaurant name in Houston. “It would be nice to have another location or two down the road, but at the moment I’m squarely focused on making this location the best that it can be for our guests,” shares Jeff.

Partnering with Allegiance

Restaurant OwnerHomestead began working with Allegiance Bank in February of 2021 because of the reputation our bank has built within the small business community. He ultimately chose to bank with Allegiance because of the referrals he received from other business owners, coupled with the convenient Heights Office location right down the street. For Jeff, the level of personalized service that Allegiance provides has made all the difference. You can find him inside the bank office working directly with our bank office staff, “I could probably perform some of these tasks from my own computer, but I appreciate coming in and visiting with the staff that genuinely helps me.” Jeff trusts Allegiance Bank to provide the personal service he requires to run his business.

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