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Allegiance Bank Customer Spotlight: Hartmann Jewelry

Hartmann Jewelry has been a part of the Houston community for over 25 years, specializing in jewelry repair, watch repair, and creating custom pieces. While the jewelry this family-owned business creates is beautiful on the outside, it is the story behind these pieces that drive their work. The Hartmann family is passionate about working with their customers to transform sentimental items into something that fits their style, they are excited to wear, and might not have worn otherwise. Through the trials and tribulations of COVID-19, Hartmann Jewelry found their way to Allegiance Bank and, due to the level of service and commitment they experienced, are now proud to call Allegiance Bank home.

Early Beginnings

Hartmann Jewelry was established in 1996 when Marina’s father Tony asked her to be his partner in opening a jewelry repair kiosk in Memorial City Mall. At the time, Marina was attending the University of Houston and thought this would be a great part-time business with the mentality, “Let’s give it a year and see how it goes.” However, to their surprise, the business took off, and as the mall began to expand, so did they. Eight years later, they opened their in-line store and have been in the Dillard’s wing ever since.

Now, 25 years later, the jewelry store still stands strong with a vision of continuing what they do now with a greater emphasis on custom design and more prominently highlighting local Houston artists’ work in the store. Their passion is not just for the jewelry itself but the meaning behind each piece for both the artist and the person who wears it. That passion motivates them to deliver the highest level of quality and craftsmanship to each of their customers. In 10 years, Marina says, “I hope the business is still going strong, not only for me, but for my family and my employees.”

Partnering with Allegiance

Hartmann Jewelry has always taken things year by year, never imagining that they would survive the mall being remodeled, new management, and most recently, the impacts of COVID-19. When the pandemic hit, the store was frantically trying to acquire a PPP loan. When their current bank couldn’t help, Marina and her husband found themselves calling nearly every bank they could reach in hopes of securing PPP funding with no luck. Despite the discouraging start, they felt hope once they decided to contact Allegiance. “Scott McDonald called my husband within hours,” Marina explains, “he helped us get on our feet.” After such a positive experience working with their trusted advisor, they expanded their partnership beyond PPP, changing banks not only for their business account but their personal accounts as well. “Scott worked hard for my business to keep it going, and he continues to be in touch, looking out for both my business and my family,” Marina shares.

When asked what the most powerful lesson she has taken from COVID-19 is, she responded, “When you have dedicated and talented employees, do what you can for them. Pay them before your business expenses and pay them before yourself. I would not have survived if it wasn’t for them.” Marina works hard for her family, employees, and customers, so she deserves a bank that will do the same. Thankfully, Marina found that in partnering with Allegiance, which is why she recommends Allegiance, according to her, every chance she gets.

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